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Wohltat was born in 2008 with the will to regenerate some aspects of musical pleasure in the Roman-based electronic scene.
We like to see people smiling while we play, we like to see them staring at us, pointing at us, get angry if they miss the kickdrum, get happy when we give it to them. We like to create a sort of bubble around us, to embrace people, and let them express what they feel like, whoever they are, our aim is to give them pleasure.
We think that happiness is lacking (and sometimes electronic music is really acting darkly and upset), so we try to do what we can to relax, enjoy, and feel free.
Respect is one of the most important things in reaching our aim, so we like to have people dancing without fighting, without serching for a fight: fights are banned.
Respect the place and the people, and the party will be just nice. Wohltat loves music and loves you dancing to it.